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Automated Gates, Barriers, Turnstile & Security Grill
We offer a full range of Entry Control Systems providing secure entry control for all aspects of your business including pedestrian and vehicle access. With over vast years commercial security installation experience, we take pride in designing Entry Control Systems that are tailored to our clients needs with full consultations at every stage.

Automated gates and barriers are suitable for both residential and commercial uses our automated gates and barriers provide complete privacy and security.

Automated Gates protect your perimeter at the point of entry making your choice of gates crucial to your overall security. We supply and install a wide range of gates from a basic manually operated gate to a fully automatic sliding or cantilever design. Whatever your security needs, we can advise on a broad range of options helping you reach a security solution in this important area that is designed especially for your business.

Security barriers securely and safely control vehicle access to your premises. Barriers can be automated for authorised vehicles which also prevents congestion at the point of entry. The barriers have safety devices installed to stop if an obstruction is detected close to the descending beam. The barriers can be set to allow access in a number of ways from automated, in conjunction with other access control systems or intercoms.

Traffic flow through the barrier can be counted and recorded if desired to give you complete control over vehicle entry and exit.

Turnstiles enable complete pedestrian control both internally and externally whether for employees or event management control. Our security turnstile systems allow the flow of large numbers of people through them quickly, securely and efficiently.

In a commercial setting using turnstiles you control exactly who enters which area. Unwanted visitors cannot follow others through a secure entrance or use other methods to ‘tailgate’ authorised personnel into a restricted area.

Our turnstiles are suitable for a wide range of installations including but not limited to; offices and lobby access, stadiums and arenas, perimeter and interior security, amusements and parks, crowd control, transport fare collection and lobby access control.

Security Grills are an ideal solution removable secure solution for both domestic and commercial windows. Unwanted visitors are prevented from entry whilst allowing light and/or airflow through the window.

The grills are designed and fitted to your exact measurements blending with your structure whilst providing a strong visual deterrent.

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