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Stand alone systems
Are able to offer the flexibility of static or roaming cameras pre-programmed or client controlled.  Most systems are able to offer the options of a viewing monitor and/or PC based view and control with the ability to monitor your systems from the World Wide Web being available.

Integrated systems
Allow a more complex system design specification and an ability to gather more specific information from your CCTV system.  Using the above stand alone system with a few added gizmos you can easily record, monitor, and control a variety of systems. 

ANPR (automatic number plate recognition)

Recording, counting or even controlling access to car parks. Traffic management is also a possibility with this integrated technology.

CCTV Analytics
Video Analytics, also known as IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) is a new emerging market for security allowing its users to easily monitor and secure areas with security cameras. With this new state of the art technology, businesses can easily monitor places of interest with sophisticated software that makes detecting threats or unwanted visitors simple and effective.

Intelligent Video Surveillance consists of algorithms that detect movement or changes in live and recorded video to see whether the movement or changes mean a possible threat is about to occur or occuring. These algorithms work by examining each pixel of the video and putting together all the pixel changes. If many pixels are changing in one area and that area is moving in a direction, the software considers this to be motion. Depending on the policies and alerts you have setup, you will be notified of this motion or other actions can be automatically taken by the software such as motion tracking which follows the motion until it is no longer detected.

CCTV and access control integration 
Allows an access control system to record specific events like a door being forced or a card holder using the system and combines that with a video clip or still image of the area and card holder for visual verification of a event.  Once again, these events can cause an alert capable of emailing or signaling either a remote or local administration.

List of benefits of Intelligent Video Surveillance are:

Real-Time Video Monitoring
IVS software can display live video in real time. Also in real time are alerts for security policies you setup. These alerts will notify you immediately when there is a threat. Various alerts can be setup. These include email notification SMS messaging, on-screen alerts, alarms and triggers and even contacting the proper authorities.

Improves Quality of Surveillance
With IVS software you have the ability to be notified immediately when unusual activity is detected. This allows any available personnel to react upon alerts from the IVS software.

Accurate Detection
IVS software has the ability to detect specific behaviors. This means if someone is heading towards somewhere they should not be, you will be warned. The software also has the ability to be used indoors and outdoors, even in low light situations. Imagine being able to detect a car thief trying to break into a car in your parking lot in the middle of the night.

Ease of Implementation
IVS software can be integrated with existing CCTV/Analog systems or implemented with new state of the art IP network cameras. With a wide range of compatible cameras, IVS software can be implemented in any solution using security cameras.

Decreases Labor Costs
Due to the IVS software handling all alerts from possible threats, less personnel is needed to view video. With standard video systems, someone must always be watching for unwanted visitors but with the IVS software watching for you, more video can be watched by a lower number of people. Video no longer needs to be watched by a live person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This decreases labor costs and increases productivity.


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