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Remote CCTV surveillance System
It is an integral part of every business monitoring as even a small lapse may cause dangerous situations. Ensures even the most vulnerable of sites can be protected around the clock successfully.  Our systems are able to offer the highest level of electronic intruder detection with immediate response by trained monitoring staff.  Coupled with a public address system they can quickly inform intruders on site that their presence has been identified and either the police or security officers are being mobilized. 

We are expert in the remote surveillance and monitoring sector, successfully protecting and remotely controlling a variety of security equipment 24/7 365 on unmanned sites.

We utilize the CCTV surveillance systems latest technologies such as digital service platforms of GSM and ISDN to meet your objectives and cctv design typical solutions. These systems allow visual monitoring as well as voice and audible warning to the protected area directly from our cctv monitoring station.




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