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Visitor Management Systems
Micro-City Computers Ltd’s visitor management systems are optimized for high traffic or unsupervised reception areas.  Advanced technology can coach visitors or appointment holders through a quick and simple registration process to produce ID badges from scanning business cards and snap shot photography, we can then guide visitors to their host with the use of building maps. 

A streamlined registration process can quickly notify the visitor their host is aware of their arrival and if necessary confirm if they are not expected or barred.  Health and safety bulletins and promotional videos can be displayed during registration to enhance the experience.

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Micro-City Computers Limited
Mombasa Trade Center (Former Ambalal Hse)
Ground Floor Opposite Mombasa Water
Mikindani Street, Off Nkrumah Road

P.O. BOX 41751 – 80100, Mombasa-Kenya
TEL: +254 041 2310004/ +254 041 2312666
FAX: +254 041 2310504

E-Mail: info@micro-city.co.ke